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Thoughts from Product Management

BY Chris Miller

I am Chris Miller, head of product management at Prinova and responsible for driving the direction of our Messagepoint customer communications management platform.  My job is to understand both the current challenges our customers face and their future aspirations around customer communications, and to transform those inspirations into innovations that drive real value.  It’s a great job and a heady responsibility, and I’m fortunate to be guided and influenced by customers and readers like you.

What excites me most about Prinova is that it’s not every day I can be involved in building a great technology platform that has the potential to transform my own personal experience with those same companies who send me communications at home – digitally or otherwise – customer ‘touchpoints’ like letters, emails, statements and reminders.  Gone will be the days when I receive offers for products and services I already own, or promotions for things I never will!

Achieving true personalization remains a technology challenge for most companies today, especially when you’re trying to communicate with thousands to millions of customers at the same time, across both sides of the digital divide.  Personalization or one-to-one communications is about getting beyond the simple mail-merge, eg. Dear , and speaking to me or you as valued consumers, based on the intimate details of our business relationship.  This is where messagepoint comes in.

Messagepoint is a platform that enables powerful, large-scale personalization, and was conceived through  years of Customer Communications experience with leading financial services, healthcare, and insurance organizations in North America, who were seeking to bridge this great Personalization Divide. It’s applicability and appeal extends to any customer wishing to engage more intimately and effectively with their own consumer clients, across both print and digital media.  For a Product Manager, you cannot get better validation than that!

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