Correspondence Management – Bringing Order to the Chaos (Part II of II)

BY Ed Worsfold

In part one of this post, we explained how Prinova’s Customer Communications Assessment lets you take charge of your correspondence systems. Once that part is done (and your designs and content have been optimized), you’ll need software that gives you a business layer to manage your letters – like the one you’ll find in our Messagepoint platform.

A real business layer does not force you to use the mail merge feature of Word, or go through a developer for everything you want done. When your IT team has the base (or ‘master’) templates defined and set up, this layer lets you manage the content and create new letter variations that inherit content from the master.  It also allows you to make the necessary changes and customizations to get the right correspondence to suit your needs.  For example, if you had a “Late Payment” template, you could easily create “Credit Card – Late Payment” or “Mortgage – Late Payment” variations without having to create a new letter application.

If you make a global item change (to a logo or a signature that’s present in all letters from a specific template, for example), having a proper business layer means you only need to change the master template and then your changes get inherited to all the ‘children’ of that template.   No need to scour your systems for every instance of the text or image you altered. Make the change in one place and you are good to go everywhere.  The IT folks are happy, because they only have to set up the base templates and the rest is in the hands of the business users.

All of this functionality is part of our cloud-based Messagepoint platform.  It makes things much easier to manage and maintain, providing an easy-to-navigate, hierarchical view of your correspondence, and drastically reducing the number of messages and letters in your ecosystem.  With built-in workflow, targeting and other cool stuff like real-time proofs, Messagepoint has incredibly powerful features that let you take charge of your communications strategy, from execution to maintenance.

About the Author

Ed Worsfold is the VP of Marketing with Messagepoint, and has been Marketing B2B - Enterprise software technologies for almost 20 years.

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