Top Ten Reason #1 – Empower business and marketing users to control customer communications

Messagepoint provides you with a hybrid cloud-based, collaborative Customer Communications Management (CCM) software environment that was designed and built for business users to manage, test and approve your messaging content. Give your business users the tools they need, all while freeing up your IT staff to focus on providing value-added work. Here are some highlights:

  • No need to manage message content and rules in spreadsheets or word documents and send them to IT for programming
  • No more waiting for IT to schedule the work to get done followed by rounds of regression testing and proofing before getting things in production – usually takes weeks or months
  • Control the content, business rules and testing of your customer communications – all in the cloud in a secure, collaborative, business user-friendly environment
  • Enjoy full control over the targeting, the approvals, the reporting – just release it to production when you’re ready to go