Messagepoint Delivery Partners provide the services necessary for a successful implementation of Messagepoint. From startup to on-going touchpoint development and management, these expertly trained and certified partners can help you in all aspects of a Messagepoint project.

Some of our delivery partners

The Sword Group is a Messagepoint Professional Services and Referral Marketing Partner with offices across the globe including the USA, UK and France.

Espire Infolabs specializes in assisting companies drive growth and customer engagement with exceptionally designed digital experience solutions.  Espire has offices in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and India.

Nirva UK enables you to streamline and integrate your communications to take your Customer Communications Management (CCM) to the next generation.

Headway is a Brazilian technology company with a strong presence in the areas of consulting, development, integration, testing and approval systems, offering products and solutions in various fields such as Customer Communications Management, Business Intelligence, ETL and Data Cleansing, Systems Integration and more.

FCI has vast experience in CCM implementation, migration, and version upgrades to managed support and quality assessment. We help banks, insurers, telecom and utilities optimize the effectiveness of every communication, to drive business objectives and growth. FCI is also the pioneers in offering CCM as Managed Services.

Saggezza is a global solutions provider with deep links and insights into the technologies shaping the next generation of business.¬† Our specialized CCM teams partner with leading print and technology providers to ensure that your customer communication solutions are built to match your organization’s needs and are efficient, streamlined and marketing leading.