This one-day course is intended for business users or other primary users of Messagepoint. It will give them the basic skills to begin using Messagepoint immediately, covering authoring, proofing, and approving messages.

Topics covered include:

The basics

  • Signing on to Messagepoint and navigating
  • Viewing touchpoint messages

Working with messages

  • Modifying a message
  • Creating and previewing messages – text, graphic, multi-part
  • Testing
  • Approving
  • Searching and filtering
  • Running audit reports
  • Working with dynamic messages
  • Working with embedded text
  • Working with shared graphics

Working with flexible touchpoints

  • Viewing variant messages
  • Creating messages
  • Creating a variant
  • Cloning/modifying a message (suppressing the original)

Working with structured touchpoints

  • Modifying letter content
  • Creating a working copy of a letter
  • Proofing a letter
  • Approving a letter

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