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Accelerating Content Migration, Analysis and Optimization with Messagepoint

IWCO Direct® ( is one of the largest providers of direct marketing solutions in North America. Earning customers’ trust by collaborating with North American marketers for more than 50 years, the company has a full range of direct mail and marketing services across all channels including print, email, SMS, Web and social media.

Challenge:  Accelerating on-boarding and content analysis processes

IWCO Direct is focused on driving results for their clients and that comes down to increasing both response rates and enabling agility to accelerate time to market. To that end, the team was looking for ways to streamline their new customer and touchpoint onboarding processes.

Solution:  AI-Powered Content Migration, Analysis and Optimization

IWCO Direct has leveraged Messagepoint’s intelligent content hub for managing customer communications since 2015. By using Messagepoint, IWCO has been able to empower their client’s business users to directly create, manage, test, and approve the messaging, rules, and personalization within the communications. These capabilities along with the platform’s advanced content targeting, sharing and control features have enabled IWCO to significantly increase business agility while improving campaign response rates.


IWCO has achieved many positive results through their use of Rationalizer, including:

  • New content onboarding has been reduced from hours to minutes
  • Content management time has been reduced by 50%
  • Response rates have increased across client campaigns through optimized content and increased visibility into granular content performance


“Rationalizer has enabled us to accelerate the onboarding process by easily migrating hundreds of client communications within minutes instead of hours.”

David Klempke, Director, Portfolio Management Office & Strategic Solutions, IWCO



  • Streamlined onboarding, content tagging and analysis processes using Rationalizer that supported their own methodology
  • One-click consolidation of similar and duplicate content to reduce content objects
  • Identification of content optimization opportunities for readability, sentiment, and brand alignment
  • The ability to correlate their market response data to specific content to target it for modification


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