Wednesday, December 6, 2023
1 PM - 2 PM ET

How to optimize customer communications for vulnerable populations and Limited English Proficiency with generative AI

In the U.S., 50% of adults can’t read a book written at the 8th grade level. About 22% speaks a language other than English at home and 37% of these individuals have Limited English Proficiency.

These populations struggle to understand the complex regulatory and industry specific language that is frequently used in communications by critical services such as government agencies, healthcare and financial services organizations.

The time and cost burden of optimizing communications and providing non-English versions is immense and is typically only done when mandated. Generative AI can change that.

Join this Webinar to hear from Kaspar Roos of Aspire about the latest trends and priorities surrounding AI in customer communications. Also learn from customer communications expert, Patrick Kehoe of Messagepoint, as to how recent advancements in generative AI can accelerate content rewrites into plain language, reading level adjustments, translation processes and more to make communications optimization a reality. Get the latest on:

  • How to lower the barrier to understanding complex customer communications
  • What are the latest standards in plain language and how these can and should be adopted
  • How to reduce the perceived burden of translating communications into multiple languages
  • What to look for in a generative AI solution to ensure quality outcomes and efficient processes

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Kaspar Roos Founder and CEO, Aspire

Kaspar is a leading expert, consultant, and recognized thought leader in the Customer Communications Management (CCM) industry. He is the CEO and founder of Aspire, a boutique consulting firm specializing in the CCM and Digital Customer Experience (DCX) industries. Kaspar has more than 15 years of experience in the CCM space and is a regular speaker at industry conferences and events. He has worked with every leading CCM technology vendor and many leading service providers to help them with strategy and business development.


Patrick Kehoe EVP Product Management, Messagepoint

Patrick Kehoe has over 25 years of experience delivering business solutions for document processing, customer communications, and content management. As EVP of Product Management, Patrick drives product strategy and messaging in collaboration with Product Development. Prior to joining Messagepoint, Patrick was Worldwide Head of OpenText Exstream. He has managed, architected, and delivered comprehensive solutions, including BPO for customers in healthcare, financial services, banking, manufacturing, and retail/distribution markets. Patrick has an acute understanding of how to achieve results by focusing on the customer, identifying the problem, and applying the appropriate technology.